Unedged Beech Lumber



Type Beech Lumber
Thickness 3-5mm
Application Floor Use
Color Brown, Creamy
Pattern Plain
Feature High Strength
Product Details :

We now can offer- White Ash unedged lumber, KD10-14%, Grade ABC, 22-50mm x 100mm+ x 2000-4000mm. Or As required by the Buyer.
White Oak unedged lumber, KD10-18%, Grade ABC,20/22/25/32/50mm x 100mm+ x 2000-4000mm Or As required by the Buyer.
Oak beam, Fresh, Grade ABC, 180+ x200+ x 2000-4000mm Or As required by the Buyer.
Birch unedged lumber,KD8-12%,Grade ABC, 22/25/32×90+ x2000-4000
Birch logs,20cm+,Grade AB,
We can also offer- oak,ash,beech,spruce,pine,birch,poplar,alder,aspen,Elm,
Acacia,larch,cedar logs and lumber, S4S, and glued.
Also can offer split firewood,pellets to buyers worldwide.


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