Our Hardwood Sawdust is composed of very small wood chips that contain a minimal amount of moisture, allowing it to be virtually dust free. The majority of Sawdust is Poplar and contains no species that would be harmful to animals.

This Sawdust offers high absorbency and light color and is ideal bedding for horses and poultry.

Pine Wood Sawdust is made from 100% pine tree. It is very soft and the highest quality of wood sawdust.
It is used for animal bedding.(Horse, Cow, etc.)


Size: 1 – 5mm
Wood type: 100% Pine
Moisture: Max 12%
Powder: Max 2%
Foreign Matter: Max 0.5%
Color: Bright Color


Compress and stuff in Jumbo bag 500 ~ 600 kgs with pallet, 24 tons/ 40’HC, 40 bags per cont.
Bag Size: 110x110x120 (40 bags/cont)
Pallet Size: 100x100x9 cm


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