Sawn Oak Timber



Grade AA, AB, BB, ABC or FAS/F1F, 2A Common (No. 2AC) or “Rustic”
Available Thickness 24/ 28/ 30/ 32/ 33/ 38/ 40/ 45/ 50/
Available Width 90+mm
Available Length Up to 4000mm
Drying KD with moisture 6 – 12%
Usage Furniture (indoor/outdoor), Door, Yacht
We, Wood Log Craft is the best Sawn oak timber exporter in Poland. The timber that we provide our customers with is used in different products and appliances. The strength, availability, eco-friendliness, handling, affordability and longevity, particularly when compared to other materials have made these products popular in the market.

Following are some of the benefits of choosing our products.

Durability And Strength

We are known worldwide as the best sawn oak timber exporter from Poland due to this feature of our product. The timber that we offer is hard and has the strength to last for ages without any problems. These are widely used in different companies and sectors as they do not get damaged easily. These are sourced from the best place in the country and therefore we ensure that our customers get only the best at every stage.

Low Maintenance

This needs very less maintenance. This does not react to other elements and if by any chance if they react they will not damage the product rather they will provide a stunning appeal and aesthetic to the timber.

For us our customers are the priority. Choose us and get our products as we are the best sawn oak timber exporter in Poland.


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